What a Locksmith Needs To Know

LOCKSMITH TRAININGAny good locksmith needs to first learn the basics of being a locksmith. He needs to get to know the tools required, the machinery used, the locks and lock systems currently in the market, key identification, panic hardware, electronic security systems, business and office security, home security, and even tax information. The locksmith as a businessman must also learn about advertising, marketing, bookkeeping, employee information, hiring techniques and safety for himself and his employees.

So becoming a good locksmith entails a lot more than most people think! This is a craft that has become more and more complicated and sophisticated as technology and the law become more complicated. The locksmith’s knowledge has to change and increase with his business and the current world around him.

Customer relations is very important in any business. It is vital to gain the trust and respect of your customers to keep your business going. A locksmith has to learn how to be respectful of the customers’ privacy and his private information. He must also learn how to communicate effectively with the general public.

Learning his trade from an accredited institution is very important for both the quality of the information provided and the end results. Learning locksmithing on your own via books or experimenting, will not gain the necessary experience and credibility. You may get some customers, but there is also great risks. Knowing how to gain access to people’s houses, businesses, and motor vehicles has to be treated as confidential information.

You can operate a small locksmith business, but if you want to specialize in, say, only automobiles, you can focus your education and equipment in that particular field. You may wish to increase your knowledge to concentrate on locksmith services for only homes or businesses. Locksmiths have a choice of numerous areas to learn and specialize in. You can combine all areas and just learn one specialization at a time, expanding your knowledge and business more slowly.

Remember the demand in your area when choosing your field of locksmithing . How many locksmiths are already there? What do they specialize in? Are there many complaints about local locksmiths? Are there any public needs not being met? How can you make your business stand out from the rest? Knowing which questions to ask is a very important step for a successful locksmith.

The locksmith profession can be very rewarding, but make sure it is right for you. Further questions to ask are: what hours must you work, and what demands will this put on your family? The public is very unforgiving when desperate. If a storm has damaged a house or  business, if a thief has broken into a home or business, or if a security system has malfunctioned, you need to be able to meet the needs of your customer. As with everything, preparation is the key to success.

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What To Look For In A Trustworthy Locksmith

locksmithBelow are some of the standard criteria to look for when searching for a professional locksmith.

  1. Reputation – Do they have a good reputation, and so does their business have credibility? Look beyond the marketing hype for reviews from real, past customers. It’s fine to have one or two negative reviews (you can’t please everybody all of the time) but have a look at the reasons for these and see if they indicate a problem – poor workmanship, unreliability, slow response, etc.
  2. Trust– can you trust them to give you the correct price upfront and to actually do what they say they will? Again, look at the reviews and feedback from people you know who have used their services to find out.
  3. Experts – you want a locksmith who has the expertise to do the job you hire him for. So check his credentials, his license and make sure he is properly registered with the relevant authority bodies. Ask about his experience and training – he should have documentation of any qualifications and additional training undertaken.
  4. Reliability – Customer satisfaction is the key. If your locksmith is very knowledgeable and skilful, but takes 2 hours to respond to a call, he is of no use to you. Look for a well- trained, certified, and reliable locksmith, To check his reliability, again go to his testimonials, reviews online and discuss with local friends. Always look for recommendations from people you trust to make the decision easier.
  5. Emergency Service – if you are likely to need emergency services from your provider, you will want to ensure he is a 24 hour locksmith. There is no good finding a great locksmith, but discovering that he is not open when you lock your keys in your car at 2am on a Saturday night!

Follow this advice and you should be able to find locksmiths in the areas near you who offer quality, reliable service at a reasonable price.

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Locksmith Tools Of The Trade

locksmith toolsA locksmith needs to invest a lot of money on the tools and equipment they need to use in their trade. Locksmiths can start with only a handful of tools but as business grows, they will eventually have to prepare for larger investments. It helps to gain familiarity with these tools so one can better select which ones to start with.

Locks and key making equipment. Locksmiths need to have tension wrenches, picks, pick sets, pins, pinning kits, and of course, several kinds of locks. There are certain locks used for hospitals, government offices, gates, and furniture to name a few. Aside from these, locks can be electronic, electromagnetic or biometric, if they are not of the traditional kind. Any locksmith who has undergone proper training is familiar with what Kwikset locks are and what ILCO key making or generating machines are.  These are two of the standard locksmith tools used during locksmith training.

Slim Jim. A 24 hour locksmith normally keeps a Slim Jim, which is an older type of tool for use in unlocking older vehicles.  While we now live in the modern age, several people still have old vehicles with them because they either cannot afford to buy more sophisticated models or they simply love to collect old cars they do not wish to be damaged. This makes it important for lock smiths to have knowledge of how to unlock without having to cause any further damage. And in a task like this, a Slim Jim comes in handy.

Code machines. Newer vehicles have transponder keys needed to start the ignition system. These transponder keys require code machines for generating protocols for them to work. These modern keys are ways to improve the security of vehicles and helps in reducing costs that insurance companies incur.

Key blanks. These are standard tools that an emergency locksmith uses in his trade. These key blanks need to be classified into different categories that require certain items to go with them. There are at least six different kinds of residential blanks, while there are about ten brands of commercial blanks. On top of these, there are also automotive key blanks used in domestically and internationally manufactured vehicles.

Key tags and key cutters. A locksmith is able to keep up with the different keys used in the locksmith services world with the help of drawers, key tags and key towers. These tools help in organizing keys generated with key cutters that have at least 6 different kinds. Key cutters can be manual, semi-automatic, automatic, and tubular to name a few. There are also those that come in the form of cutter wheels.

Simply put, there are several things that professional locksmiths need to know more about. In many cases, required knowledge can be retained through repetition. With all the different kinds of locks, tools and methods that locksmiths can use, it simply seems impossible to memorize all of them. This is when notes and manuals come in handy. Therefore, it helps that a locksmith holds on to different manuals gathered through the years for future reference.

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How To Spot a Fake Locksmith

Fake locksmithWhen you hire a locksmith to help you get access to your locked property, you are letting a stranger into your home, office or vehicle. The bad news is there are many individuals out there who pose as locksmiths, with the only intent of taking advantage of distressed customers who are quite vulnerable to potential theft, fraud, and other threats.  The good thing is there are things we can do to lessen our risks of hiring a fake locksmith. The following are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

1. Know the business address.  In calling a locksmith, make sure to ask for the business address. A fake locksmith, as what you can expect, will most likely use a fake address in attempt to make him look real.  What you can do is to check the business address online through websites that offer phone and address matching services. Make sure that the number you called matches the business address that the locksmith has given you. This is one way of making sure that you are talking to a trustworthy locksmith and at the same time, can give you a good idea if the locksmith is indeed local. Hiring someone local is imperative in receiving timely services. You would also want to deal with local locksmiths because calls routed to contact centers in random areas would not really have an idea of who they will be sending out to assist you and this can place you at such high risks.

2. Check the company service vehicle.  A locksmith for cars needs to travel to the site of the job. Check if the locksmith you called arrives in a marked vehicle, with the name of the company distinctively seen.  If someone calls himself a locksmith but simply arrives in an unmarked vehicle, better be wary.

3. Ask for identification.  This might seem unnecessary because any legitimate automobile locksmith will voluntarily present you his personal identification upon his arrival.  However, if the locksmith does not automatically present one, make sure to ask for his proof of identification. In the same manner, a locksmith should ask for your proof of identification. This is necessary in verifying if you are indeed authorized to access the property.

4. Check the price quotes and invoice. If the automotive locksmith quoted you a price that is different over the phone and upon his arrival, it is best not to make any deal with that locksmith. Be wary of additional costs and fees that a vehicle locksmith might charge on top of what you have been quoted. Do not give cash to a locksmith who insists on having it up front.

It is best to only deal with responsible locksmiths. And now that we have an idea of what a fake locksmith is, we can be able to make better choices. The next time you need to work with a locksmith for you vehicle, home or office, make sure that you only deal with those that are of good reputation and who will not trick you into spending more than what you actually have to.

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Five Ways A Great Locksmith Will Protect Your Home

locksmith protectionLocksmiths do a lot more than merely pick locks and recover wedged keys.  In fact, a locksmith is priceless in terms of home security.  If you are planning to step up the security in your home to improve your personal safety as well as that of your family, it helps to know the different kinds of security services that a good locksmith can offer you. The following are three ways in which a high-quality locksmith can help in protecting your home:

High-security locks:  It is important that you equip your front and external doors with high-security deadbolt locks.  Simpler locks that are usually found on the internal doors of your home are a lot easier to bypass, therefore it makes a lot of difference to know how high-security locks differ from them and make sure that a good locksmith fits the appropriate locks in the different access areas of your home.

Alarm systems:  A 24 hr locksmith  can help in installing and replacing alarm systems in your home. A locksmith can help you in this task, from wiring to programming alarm systems and security devices. You can be sure that a qualified locksmith can deliver this task well.

Customized locks:  A local locksmith not only helps in securing access doors in your home but you’re your personal valuables and other important belongings. Special filing cabinets in your home where you keep important documents can be secured with the help of a locksmith. A locksmith can design custom-made security devices to fit any safekeeping unit inside your home to keep your savings bonds, title deeds and passports from falling into the wrong hands.

Window locks:  Several domestic intruders can pass by high security locks through gaining access through windows. The good thing is a mobile locksmith can recommend essential measures to be taken to discourage any unwelcome individuals from intruding your home. And one way to do this is through having window locks installed.

Outdoor areas:  Of course, we all want to keep our homes safe from intruders. However, do we also consider the level of security that outdoor areas in our property have? A qualified locksmith service company can help in giving recommendations on how an outdoor security plan can be developed to cover the security in your pool or hot tub area, workshop, shed, grill, space, garden, and other areas.

A good locksmith helps in delivering very important tasks involving your safety and the security of your home. Keep in mind that different locksmiths have different capabilities. This makes it important for you to find an expert, dependable, and capable locksmith.

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Find A Great Locksmith in Austin, Texas

Austin TexasThere are many locksmith trade associations all over the country that offer education, training, scholarships, conferences and trade shows to member locksmiths. The Texas Locksmiths Association (TLA) is one such example. Most locksmiths in Texas hope to gain membership in this prestigious locksmith association as this can be incredibly useful to their professional, as well as personal, growth.

TLA Board Members

Those who serve as TLA board members do not receive remuneration for their services.  Nevertheless, the dedication they have speaks volumes.  The board members look for effective speakers for small group discussions. In many cases, they use their own money in covering the expenses while they look for different ways to help members in terms of professional development, interests and public awareness.

What Locksmiths in Texas Need to Go Through

A 24 hour locksmith in Austin, Texas needs to go through a lot of processes before attaining legitimacy. Some might not want to go through all the red tape, however all the processes are necessary in order to encourage only those who are truly dedicated to the field – those who are truly trustworthy and reliable.  Therefore, it is important that locksmiths are licensed, insured, and bonded. All these are essential to attracting loyal customers who are very much willing to spread good word about the locksmiths they have worked with, making all these quite valuable investments.

Different Locksmith Associations in Texas

A local Austin locksmith can seek membership in different locksmith associations in Texas. Seeking membership in these associations helps in adding credibility to the names of locksmiths and helps in improving the trust the public has in their skills.  Among the trade organizations to seek membership from are the following:

  • Associated Locksmiths of North Texas
  • Greater Houston Locksmiths Association
  •  Locksmith Association of San Antonio
  •  Metroplex Locksmith Association
  •  Arkansas-Louisiana-Texas Locksmiths Association

Locksmiths and the Texas Department of Public Safety

The Texas Department of Public Safety requires locksmiths to observe high standards.  They only give licenses and certifications to locksmiths who are able to meet the criteria they have set. The Private Security Act requires mobile locksmith services firms in Texas to have their employees submit themselves to criminal background and fingerprint checks.

Due to this, customers can always approach the Texas Department of Safety if they want to have access to a list of qualified locksmiths, either to look for a locksmith to hire or to check the legitimacy of a locksmith they are eyeing.  Anyone who offers locksmith services in Texas without any license is perpetrating a misdemeanor, which can mean fines and jail time.

Locksmith Austin services companies are categorized under Class B in the Texas Department of Public Safety price schedule. An emergency locksmith who seeks registration needs to prepare for registration fees that vary according to the size of the locksmith business.  A locksmith also needs to submit other paperwork, including a duly accomplished application forms, two fingerprint cards, a verification of experience, certificate of liability insurance, and proof of successfully passing a qualifying examination that the Private Security Board has administered.

These are just some of the things that locksmiths in Texas need to be ready with. And all these are quite essential to the development of their trade.

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