A locksmith may wish to spread his wings beyond his local small town or state. There are many exciting parts of the world that need a locksmith’s services. How about a city with a casino? I doubt you will ever get bored as a locksmith operating within the bright lights and excitement of a casino environment!!

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Want to work as a locksmith in Alaska?

Racetracks also need locksmiths, be it cars, dirt-bikes, trucks or horses. As anywhere else, they need to keep their valuables secure, and they still lock themselves out, lose their keys or just need security help.

Want to move to the Big Smoke? Large cities like LA, Vegas, Chicago, New York and San Francisco are very exciting places to work. Big cities have higher crime rates and more people, residences and businesses that require locks and security systems.

If you want to live with nature then choose a beautiful location that needs a locksmith. Alaska has many remote areas of beauty in addition to plenty of businesses that need locksmith services. There are plenty of cities, smaller communities and outdoor workers needing protection from unwelcome intruders.

How about Hawaii?  A dreamy, laid-back beautiful place for a locksmith to find work. The large number of tourists all year round means there is plenty of action and fun to be had – they also need locksmiths like everybody else!. Imagine the serenity?! And plenty of customers!

Want to move to the nation’s capital? Washington, DC has a high crime rate which means lots of business for a locksmith. At the same time enjoy living in the shadow of The White House and The Lincoln Memorial, near the Potomac Riverkangaroo

If you want to venture further afield, outside of the USA, what about the Land Down Under? Australia is a naturally beautiful and wild location to explore, but still has big cities to find work.

Other countries you may wish to think about that are popular tourist destinations and have a relatively large population include the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany,China and Japan, although you will need some language skills for the latter of these locations.

On a different tangent, a college campus can be just as wild as an exotic location – even wilder! Locksmiths are in demand in college areas for both the colleges themselves and other adjacent areas servicing the education area. A school is usually a fun and vibrant place to work, due to excitement and energy of the students and the range of activities they get up to.

All locksmiths have different ideas of what constitutes a wild place to work, depending on your interests inside and outside of work. If you are thinking about a career as a locksmith, but think that it may be too boring for you, well, as we have seen, there are many ways to make it much more interesting!!!

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