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Locksmith Security Tips For You And Your Family!

Locksmiths are certainly the best people that can help you out in matters regarding the safety and security of you and your family. It is for this reason that you need to ask for help from them as to the ways on how you can augment your security level. It would be essential that you are going to heed on the different tips that they can share to you, which you can simply apply at your home. There are certainly a lot of things that you will learn from them which are practical and are easy to do.

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It is always a must to have a reliable locksmith that will help and guide you through, these professionals are who you should always run to for help. It is essential to follow the advice of the professionals as they are those that really know better than you.

Home Security Tips You Should Teach Your Kids

To Keep the Door Locked at All Times

A door left unlocked is offering thieves an open invitation to breaking and entering. Keeping the doors locked is the most basic home security measure. Teach your kids how to use the lock and make sure they get in the habit of using them. Kids can be forgetful, so it might be a good idea to place a reminder on the inside of the front door for them.

Stranger Danger

Even with the door locked, strangers could still come to your door. It may be someone benign like the delivery man. Still, there’s always the chance that the stranger has ill intent. Teach your children not to open the door to strangers. At most, they should talk through the door. It’s important that they never say they are home alone. If the stranger asks for an adult, children should say they’ll get you, and then immediately call you. A would-be thief will say anything to get inside, from faking an injury to saying they are distanced relatives. Talk to your children openly about this, and make sure they understand that the door should remain closed no matter what.

How to Use the Alarm System

If your home is equipped with an alarm system, it’s paramount that everyone in the house knows how to use it properly. That includes the children. Go through all the functionalities of the alarm system several times, and talk about how they help your family stay safe. Let your children practice arming and disarming the system. They should feel comfortable using the system constantly.  To Memorize Important Phone Numbers All children should know how and when to call the police. However, that’s not the only number related to home security that you can teach your children.

There are different numbers for emergency and non-emergency police and medical services.

Your children should also know how to reach you, as well as a few other trustworthy people.

Make sure they know the home address as well. This way, the authorities will know where to come faster. Read more!

Aside from such tips given by locksmiths, you can also learn from ways on how you can secure your homes especially during the holidays. As such, since Halloween is fast approaching, then you can follow the different means on how you can somehow “zombie proof” your house; such that, you can always keep the bad guys disguised as zombies away from your property.

How To Zombie Proof Your Home

Catch the corpses on camera

It’s essential that in the event of a zombie apocalypse you should be on high alert, in order to know if there are zombies surrounding your house.  The best way to monitor the situation outside without exposing your location is by setting up an outdoor CCTV camera. The ABUS Outdoor IR Bullet Camera is a weatherproof outdoor camera which will monitor the smallest of details, even in the dark with its infrared night vision function, making it a perfect option during a zombie apocalypse.

 Illuminate your enemies

Flood lights can be used to illuminate those sauntering around outside your house, without giving away your position like shining a flashlight out the window would. Motion activated flood lights can startle anything, from foxes to burglars, so the Era LED Security Light with built in CCTV should have no problem scaring away a few undead enemies.

Stop zombies in their tracks

Having hordes of zombies climbing onto your property can be unnerving, and while putting up a barbed wired fence is an option, it is also unsightly and takes time and effort to put together, therefore an easier and cheaper option is the use of Prikka Strips. Prikka Strips are strips of pointed cones that can be fitted on top of fences, gates, pipes and walls. A Prikka Strip is designed to deliver maximum discomfort, and will most definitely make zombies and other intruders stop in their tracks. Check this site now:

With all these tips in mind, and faithfully followed, then you can be assured that you will have an enhance level of security for your family. You will certainly be pleased with the kind of assistance that your locksmith is able to give you. All the learning that you will get is in a way priceless.

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