One of the biggest museums in America that a locksmith would probably enjoy is the Lock Museum of America. It is located in Terryville, Plymouth, Connecticut. It is widely advertised and attracts visitors from all over the country. You also don’t have to be a locksmith to be interested in antique locks and lock hardware. Antique doorknob enthusiasts, people with an interest in old doors or the ornate artwork of old locks enjoy the museum.antique locks

A UK museum for lock enthusiasts is the Lock Museum in Willowhall, Staffordshire in England’s Midlands. To preserve its contents and seccure its future, this museum has been taken over by the Black Country Living Museum. The United Kingdom is also home to Blake’s Lock Museum, in Reading, about an hour’s drive from London.

California has the Jehning Family Lock Museum, in Mountain View, CA. The Hanns Schell Collection in Austria is the world’s largest museum of locks and keys.

Locksmiths would also enjoy the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum Shop in Key West, Florida, and the Powerhouse Museum located in Sydney, Australia.

Doorknobs attract many collectors, and are part of the locksmith’s domain. You can join the Antique Doorknob Collectors of America, where you will find beautiful doorknobs and antique door hardware and doorbells, plates, coat hooks and window latches.

Bennington ceramic knobsThe Antique Doorknob Collectors of America has annual conventions all around the USA to teach and share their information and has a great collection of Bennington ceramic knobs, mineral knobs, real estate hardware, and Victorian hardware, bronze knobs, and Wheeler knobs.

West Coast Lock Collectors Association looks at the history and magic of locks. They have an annual show for collectors and the general public. They publish a quarterly newsletter to members. This association is a not-for-profit hobby club.

Antique Padlocks is a great online resource documenting the history of padlocks and other locking devices as well as useful links, patent details and information on hardware companies marketing padlocks. Padlocks lost some value when they could be cut with bolt cutters, however, there are still plenty around today, and there are still lots of requests for locksmiths to remove them!!

This is just a small sample of locksmith museums around the world, just to give you taste of what is out there. If you are interested, check out some of the museums suggested above or Google “locksmith museums” to find the nearest museum you can go to. The history of locks and locksmithing is fascinating and you can marvel at home locks have changed over the decades and centuries, while still being the main means of securing your valuables even in the 21st century!!

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