Locksmiths deal with a wide variety of lock businesses in their work. Here are some of the big names in the lock industry:

Locks are used in so many parts of our everyday living. We use them for our home doors, cars, offices, patio sliding doors, safes, mail boxes, bicycle locks, gun cabinets, drawers, furniture, lockers and even tool sheds. There is probably a lock in every room of your house! Locksmiths are required to learn about each brand, the differences, the similarities, the tricks to each brand as well as a bit about their background, and more importantly, which is the most appropriate brand in a particular situation.

Burglars often break into, and steal from, residences by forcing or breaking the locks, so every locksmith needs to know how to repair the lock damage caused by a burglary. This may include replacing the lock hardware that was damaged. If a locksmith does not supply the customer’s preferred brand , they must know how and where to source it, how to install it and also know of reliable or better substitutes.

Yale is one of the oldest international brands and most respected and well-known companies in the lock industry, having produced the first compact cylinder pin lock in the 184o’s. Yale manufactures and distributes door locks, padlocks, digital door locks, safes, door handles, alarms and much more. There are literally millions and millions of Yale locks in use today. Every locksmith in the world will know the Yale name!

Weiser Locks makes what is called “fashionable doorwear“- handles, levers, deadbolts and other locks. Their locks are regularly featured in Hollywood films and used in the homes of its stars. They also manufacture a touchpad electronic deadbolt with temporary access allowed for service personnel, such as cleaners and babysitters.

The Master Lock brand has been around since 1921 and is probably present in nearly every house in America.  They manufacture a full range of locks for the home, schools, businesses and many industries. Every locksmith will know and use the Master Lock brand.

Kwikset manufactures residential door locks and other door hardware, such as door knobs, deadbolts, door levers, keyless entry locks, handle sets and pocket door hardware. The Kwikset brand products are very popular. Keyless entry has been a huge new market for most locksmiths in recent years.keyless entry

SentrySafe is famous for its range of safes. For over 80 years, they have built fire-resistant safes that provide security and protection for important documents, valuables and irreplaceable personal items.

American Lock manufactures locks for outdoor and industrial security and a wide range of padlocks.

Besides the regular locks on outdoor equipment, some equipment has built-in ignition locks, eg.power boats, lawnmowers, dirt bikes, four wheelers and a variety of other valuable items that require keys to start. Locksmiths must be knowledgeable about lock brands used in outdoor equipment, as they are likely to be called for lock outs, lost or damaged keys or key cutting for these locks as well.

Besides working with these lock names in their business, a locksmith may also seek employment with one of the lock manufacturing companies. For example, Sentry offers excellent benefits and perks to their employees. Some of these include discounted insurance rates, pre-paid legal services, dry cleaning services and even on-site fitness centers.

So there are a wide range of lock brands and companies that a good locksmith needs to be familiar with so that he can not only repair or replace each brand product, but can also use his professional judgement to advice customers on the most appropriate product for their situation.

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